Redsoil Trailer
The collaborative exhibition ‘Kochinohoma – Red Soil’ tells the story of the illegal killing of migratory birds in Cyprus, through a post-mortem inquiry into the unfortunate way they meet their end.The timing of the exhibition is intentional, as birds in their millions are leaving Europe to seek the milder climates of Africa during winter. To these migratory birds that fly thousands of kilometres to their wintering grounds, Cyprus offers refuge along the way. For many however, this route turns out to be fatal.
‘Kochinohoma – Red Soil’ is the result of multiple collaborations between creatives, led by photographer Silvio Augusto Rusmigo, and designers Omiros Panayides and Thalis Nicolaou. The project has taken the form of a book-artefact, a documentary film, as well as an interactive installation.
The documentary directed by Costas Drakos, explores the creative process of the team – led by Silvio Augusto Rusmigo, Thalis Nicolaou and Omiros Panayides – and takes a deeper dive into the issue of the organised wildlife crime that plagues Cyprus.The film deals with the environmental, societal and cultural aspects of illegal killing of migratory birds in Cyprus. It presents raw footage from the field and interviews with key people fighting this battle from different sectors, including the police and non-governmental organizations, as well as the creators of the film who share their personal opinions and experiences.

Directed Filmed - Costas Drakos
Edited - Costas Drakos & Silvio Rusmigo
Still Photography - Silvio Rusmigo
Book Design - Omiros Panayides
Curated - Thalis Nicolaou