“Visual Caliber films” is a small assembly of photographers/cinematographers based in Nicosia Cyprus. We could say we are a professional video commercial studio that only deals with high-end clients, but we are not going to. We could say we are a traditional production company but we never even worked near one.We could say we are specialising in TV commercials or short films and documentaries but we are not going to.
Collectively we have been around for a few years now shooting stuff here and there trying like all of us to make ends meet. We made videos for clubs, for events for fashion shows. We worked on some short films and we did some web and TV commercials. We worked with small budgets and we worked with tiny ones too.
What we are going to say is that we can take you from concept to final cut on any film project – big or small or we will die trying. 
We strive for depth and character in every single project we undertake and we always try to keep a high visual caliber to everything you love
Our job is to bring your message to life 

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