Visual Caliber is an independent creation and production house based in Nicosia Cyprus that supports advertisers, Marketing teams and agencies in their audiovisual wishes.
We imagine, produce or direct films for advertising, artistic and documentary purposes.
A genuine film manufacturer, Our job is to explore visual and emotional domains. We traverse narratives that will reveal your intent and concept and create the perfect film for your brand. 

Our way of producing is free, flexible and creative, our dedicated team is always willing to help you visualise your ideas. We offer an array of Production services, including creative concepts, production planning and execution as well as post production. 
Visual Caliber does not just produce films, we strive  to become the storytellers at the service of a brand image.


We aim to create aesthetic, impactful and convincing content, with very high production standards, whatever the budget.
We managed the merging of an audiovisual creation consultancy agency and an integrated production company with production agility and a small number of talented people can yield amazing results in the current production climate. 
By owning our own equipment we are able to create high quality content.
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