When the nice people from GNOMI approached me with the idea of building an IKEA set in the forest, I think I replied immediately: F**k yes, we will do that!!! IKEA organised a competition where a group of friends had the chance to enjoy dinner in a forest specially furnished by the IKEA design team with IKEA furniture that is currently made from 70% recyclable or renewable materials and is planned to be 100% recycled by 2030. The whole “set" was built in the early morning and we used some time lapse footage to show the building process. We were accompanied by staff from the Cyprus Forest Department who made sure everything was up to code. When everything was ready, the set was carefully taken away without leaving a single piece behind.

Director - Costas Drakos Vasiliou 
Agency - GNOMI - MSPS Cyprus 
Camera 1 - Costas Drakos Vasiliou 
Additional Footage - Stelios Demetriou
 Additional Footage - Antonis Pouliasis 
Still photography - Stelios Demetriou 
Drone - Costas Drakos Vasiliou - Stelios Demetriou