Product Video for Fantom. This is a brand that makes wallets from real leather. It is distributed in Cyprus from Costas Theodorou LTD. I was commissioned by them to create a simple video showcasing the features of the wallet. This video was meant to be displayed on a monitor in their booth in a loop at one exhibition they were attending as vendors. This had to be done fast, on budget and on deadline. The client told me that I could do what I wanted, as we had worked together before. I decided that I would try to showcase all the features of the wallet with stop-motion animation. The only problem with stop-motion is that it takes a lot of time to create and I only had a couple of days, so I went to a print shop and made a bunch of fake cards, and a fake drivers license and some cash from an atm and I was set.

 Filmed and Edited by Costas Drakos Vasiliou